Protests Against Pakistani Missile Attacks


In Kabul on Thursday, hundreds of residents from eastern Afghan provinces staged demonstrations in protest to Pakistan’s military missile attacks on the border regions of Afghanistan.

"We condemn Pakistani attacks. The Pakistani embassy in Kabul should be closed," the protestors chanted, stressing that if Pakistan continues the attacks, their embassy in Kabul should have no legitimacy.

The protestors, old and young and from all walks of life, stated that the government should take serious action against the attacks that have been ongoing for the past four years.

They added that Pakistan has been a major supporter of terrorism in Afghanistan for the past 13 years.

"We have gathered here to ask Pakistan to stop their oppression of the people of Afghanistan. We call on all the people to stand against Pakistan," one of the protestors. Hajji Hamid said.

"I call on Pakistan to not kill the Afghan children," Ajmal an adolescent student, who was among the protesters said.

At the end of the demonstration, the protestors handed over a declaration to the Pakistani embassy, asking the Pakistani government to immediately halt the attacks.
The Pakistani military has fired over 5,000 missiles into the eastern provinces of Kunar, Nangarhar, Nuristan, Paktia, Paktika, Khost and Kandahar this year alone. Many, many civilians have been killed, displaced and wounded, and houses, agricultural fields and forests have been destroyed. The protest in Kabul is a response to years and years of massacres by the Pakistani military.


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Afghanistan is rich in beauty! - Photographs taken in the provinces of Badakhshan, Kunar, Nuristan, Bamiyan, Laghman, Herat, and Helmand. 

"History was in the making in 2013, is the Afghanistan Football Federation inspired us all…" (x)

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"The Afghan women I have met, some of whom have little education but a lifetime of experience of being counted as less than a full human being, have a distinct view of what exactly freedom is. To them, freedom would be to avoid an unwanted marriage and to be able to leave the house. It would be to have some control over one’s own body and to have a choice of when and how to become pregnant. Or to study and have a profession.

Given this, who would not walk out the door in disguise—if the alternative was to live as a prisoner or slave? Who would really care about long hair or short, pants or skirt, feminine or masculine, if renouncing one’s gender gave one access to the world? A great many people in this world would be willing to throw out their gender in a second if it could be traded for freedom.”

The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys - The Atlantic



I always wonder why the media is silent on the fact that the Pakistani military fires dozens of missiles into my province Kunar every day and that innocent people are killed every day (we just don’t get daily reports on that, you have to actually be in Kunar to know this). Forests and agricultutal fields were burned in the most recent attack, in which 90 missiles were fired. The ANSF (Afghan forces) have done nothing back (they rarely do). The border police can’t even stop Pakistani soldiers from entering Kunar and Nuristan, where they abduct civilians. And they could’t stop them from going 12 km into Kunar last month (and Kandahar) where they built walls on our land. They’re pigs, all of them. The country itself is poison to us, it has always been.


some more of the kochans (nomads) we met 

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Naiza Bazi (Afghan horse game, similar to Buzkashi) played on Afghanistan’s Independence day. One at a time, men ride a gallop towards a short wooden stake in the ground, and try to pick it up with their three-pronged spear without slowing down. The winner of the competition is in the last photograph. 

Photographs by Victor Englebert


A beautiful Dari song sung by Ustad Madadi. Play this song in front of Afghan elders and watch them get chills or become teary-eyed. 

Watan ishq-e-tu iftekharam
Watan dar rahat jaan nisaaram
Watan khaak-e-paakat beheshtam
Watan gulkhanat laala zaaram

Watan ashiqam bar shokohat
Beh az dohr bowad sang-e-kohat
Wa man har kujayee ke baasham
Tu ee jaan fazaa aie deyaaram

Watan qalb-e-man haste man
Bowad rag ragam pur ze khoonat
Ze tu hamchu gul ishq-o-bar dil
Agar dar khazaan yaa baharam 

Photograph of the Mazar-e-Sharif mosque in Balkh, Afghanistan, by Frank and Helen Schreider


Four criminals posing as police officers in Paghman province stopped a caravan, they beat up and tied the men. The women were taken away and raped. All their belongings were stolen.

The Afghan National Police found all four of them and they are due to hang on Sunday 7th September in Kabul.



That country has no humanity left. They fired over 1,500 missiles in Kunar in a month. I used to have much more respect for Pakistan, I thought “it will get better, it will get better” when in reality, our nightmare has just started. I have no respect for the country anymore, I don’t blame the people because they are not in control, but those who rule it and blindly support it are the ones I have no patience for anymore. Eastern Afghans are suffering and the world is silent, our murderers walk free and get medals, we are getting poorer and poorer, people die every day, from morning to evening people look for dead bodies in eastern Afghanistan. Where the hell are the reports and articles about this?

When a U.S. soldier is killed in Afghanistan, it’s all over the news. Karzai and Obama publicy condemn the killings everytime. But when the Pakistani military kills Afghans in eastern Afghanistan every day, there’s barely news coverage about it. Civilians are treated like numbers, labeled as “collateral damage” and “terrorists” and then ignored. This hipocrisy is so sick.


The Pakistani military bombed us on their own independence day. Over 1,500 rockets fired into Kunar, Afghanistan in a month. And no one fucking cares, even Afghan news channels got the death toll wrong (not that we ever get the precise numbers anyway, all the districts that were bombed are remote areas and they’re bombed every day, yet we don’t get daily reports of those incidents). They didn’t even report the bombing of Kunar when I was there, when an entire village was crushed down.

This makes me so sick. I’m disgusted with everyone. There’s a damn genocide going on. They bomb Pashtuns in KPK & FATA, and they bomb Pashtuns in eastern Afghanistan. Where’s the condemnation, the aid, the news? Do we have to get exterminated first before we are worthy of a moment of attention? Why are the news so damn lazy?

pak sarzameen my ass


The next worst thing after your people’s blood is being spilled, is knowing that very few news channels report these incidents (and when they do, we quickly forget) and that very few people know, or care. Those innocent men, women and children who were killed in cross-border attacks were not killed in America, Canada, Australia, you name it - they were killed in Afghanistan and that’s why it doesn’t matter. And they were killed by a country they see as a hostile neighbor. But it doesn’t matter if people are killed in Afghanistan, since it’s so normal. You would think that people would care about a country and a people who suffer countless deaths and death threats every day. 

The same counts for other places. Balochistan, KPK & FATA, Kashmir… What I imagined was true; people don’t care about a situation unless they see it on the news ten times a day. Once you see something on TV or online news ten times a day, you start thinking about it. These regions don’t get that kind of coverage. 

shame on pakistan and all those who continue to remain quiet.


Pakistan Threatens Afghanistan With More Attacks

Islamabad has issued a warning that if certain demands are not met, Afghanistan could become even more heavily targeted by Pakistani attacks.

Over the past year, tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan have heightened with new instances of cross-border shelling and accusations of support for insurgent groups grabbing headlines just about every month. This summer, top Afghan security officials have directly linked Pakistani intelligence (ISI) to a series of suicide attacks and broader militant offensives around the country.

According to the security source who spoke to TOLO news, there is evidence that suggests direct Pakistani involvement in the recent Taliban operations in Helmand and Nangarhar provinces.

"The strategy that the Pakistanis pursue, we also need to have such a strategy against Pakistan’s interventionist policies," political analyst Nasrullah Estankizai argued. But he did not advocate for supporting active militant groups in Pakistan, or any other tit-for-tat strategy. Instead, he said, "[Afghanistan] must also forge relations with powerful countries in the region that do not enjoy ties with Pakistan in order to put pressure on it."

Other analysts would seem to agree, advocating for a resolution to the animosities between the two neighbors through level-headed political negotiations rather than an emotional response.

Ahmad Zia Refat, a professor at Kabul University, said Afghanistan is in no position to respond to Pakistan’s interferences and aggressions with military action. “Afghanistan should seek a political way through its strong allies and the United Nations (UN) instead of using military options,” he said.

Mir Ahmad Joyenda, another political analyst, emphasized the utility of the UN Security Council. “It is still not too late,” he assured. “The government of Afghanistan must present documents and evidence of Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan to the UN Security Council, and discuss the issue at the Islamic countries conference as well.”

A member of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), speaking to TOLO news on condition of anonymity, reported this week that a Pakistani journalist was arrested in Nangarhar province under charge of cooperating with Pakistan’s intelligence agency. According to the NDS source, the Pakistani journalist is believed to have been preparing a report for ISI on the Pakistani Taliban’s activity in Afghanistan. The reporter is said to be facing a prison sentence of up to four years.

All countries that don’t share a border with pakistan should count themselves extremely lucky. 


A woman named Uzra from the Nuristan province of eastern Afghanistan was martyred along with her toddler on Friday night while defending herself from the Taliban. A member of her family was previously killed by the Taliban, so she took up arms and killed four Talibs before she and her child were murdered. [x]

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May they rest in peace and may justice be served for all martyrs. 


03 August 2014: The Pakistani military killed two children and two women in the Kunar province of eastern Afghanistan in the past 24 hours as a part of their “counter-terrorism” operations. Hundreds of missiles were fired on villages. [x] For how many more years will this be the daily lives of Afghan civilians?

May these innocent women and children rest in peace, and may God ease their family’s suffering.